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Brands are all about emotions. Merchandise and gift items should carry out the emotion of the brand towards the consumer. Project:#001 translates the customer's brand identity into products throughout design. We analyze all aspects that make a brand unique and use these characteristics while designing. At the end the consumer has a functional product that reflects the emotion and image of your brand.


See article: "Een BMW onder je arm" (in Dutch)

Since 2002, Project:#001 has been specialized in designing, developing and producing technical textile products. Our strength lies within translating the brand identity into the products and making strong designs. This makes your product unique.
We are driven by the constant innovation of new materials and technical applications which we will use in our designs. Using our 3D CAD experience combined with our knowledge of production capability, we are able to produce the products exactly conform the design.

In case you have your own design, Project:#001 can be your production partner.


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